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Why Gartner Continues Expansion in Fort Myers, FL

Why Gartner Continues Expansion in Fort Myers

Gartner, the world’s leading research firm, is in the midst of both massive financial growth and expansion. With revenue growth reaching new heights in 2018, Gartner is poised for more of the same this year.

Gartner has long had a strong presence in Fort Myers, employing approximately 1,600 people in the area through the middle of last year. However, once its newest campus opened on Paul J. Doherty Parkway, this all changed. The company now has plans to expand to more than 2,300 workers by 2022.

Why Fort Myers?

A growing number of companies are taking note of the many benefits of doing business in the Fort Myers area. This is particularly true of Gartner, as its national training hub is located in the City of Palms.

There are a variety of other reasons for Gartner’s increased presence in the area, such as:

  • Retention: companies are not only interested in hiring the best talent, but also doing whatever they can to ensure that employees stick around over the long haul. The beauty of the area, combined with a strong labor force, allows for that to happen.
  • Ease of Relocating: while some cities make it difficult for companies to open up shop, others, such as Fort Myers, are business friendly. For example, Fort Myers is known for its speedy permitting process, allowing companies to move forward quickly with the construction process.
  • Fort Myers is Welcoming: no company wants to move into an area where they’re not welcomed with open arms. Fort Myers has the reputation for welcoming new businesses to the area, doing whatever it takes to help them succeed from day one.

Gartner has achieved unprecedented success over the past few years, with hopes to continue on this path in the future. With its expansion in Fort Myers in full force, Gartner is in good position to do just that.