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Cape Coral Attracts New Businesses, Younger Residents

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Cape Coral was founded 61 years ago, and has risen to Florida’s third largest city on a geographical scale. This blossoming slice of Southwest Florida covers 120 square miles on the Gulf of Mexico where it is attracting new businesses and younger residents as it defines itself as a hub for biomedical manufacturing as well as a hotspot for foodies.

What else makes this city unique? While Florida may have formed a reputation as a place to retire, Cape Coral’s population is actually getting younger. In its early decades, the average age in this city was 62. Today, the median age of its 180,000 plus residents is down to 44 as young professionals begin to settle there.

It still has plenty of room for growth, too. Cape Coral stands at the halfway point of its buildout expectancy, leaving it wide open for new businesses to move in and take advantage of its economic growth.

Cape Coral Attracts Small Businesses, Healthcare, and Light Manufacturing

With Florida’s favorable tax structure, many new businesses are cropping up in Cape Coral to take advantage of its location and affordability. In fact, the city is making a name for itself in small businesses, healthcare, and light manufacturing, including biomedical technology.

Ranked third in the top 3 growing cities in the United States, one of the draws of this city is that it’s attracting not only businesses, but residents as well. A strong potential workforce resides within this Lee County city, giving new businesses a promising pool of future employees as they plant roots in the area.

Cape Coral Lives Up to Florida’s Trademark Quality of Life

Why exactly are so many people flocking to Cape Coral? Three words: quality of life. Cape Coral is a paradisaical haven for people of all ages. Over 400 miles of canals run through it, which is more than any other city in the world.

With an abundance of waterfront properties, this growing city offers scenic views, outdoor fun, and a place to dock your boat year-around. Beyond that, the housing is reasonably priced. Compared to the real estate market in Collier County, Cape Coral offers attractive housing at an affordable cost.

Looking for luxury? There are estates available for sale, too. Cape Coral offers a variety of living options. Couple that with an active lifestyle and plenty to do, and it’s clear why this city is growing so rapidly.

Learn more about how your business can take advantage of Cape Coral at this pivotal moment of growth. Contact Southwest Florida Economic Development Office today.