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Top Business Attractions of Glades County

Gateway-CenterPlanted in the center of Southwest Florida is Glades County; an area with a strong agricultural history and a growing home for manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution on an international scale. More businesses are recognizing Glades County as a land of opportunity due to its convenient central location and several strong business attractions that have led to its growing workforce.

Glades County Regional Training Center

Recently, Glades County completed the Gateway Logistics and Manufacturing Training Center. This 40,000-square-foot regional training facility will begin offering its first certification program for commercial driver’s licenses in early 2016. Programs offered by this facility will provide a variety of training and certifications to help remedy the nation’s growing shortage truck drivers while simultaneously expanding the workforce opportunities for local residents.

Trade certification is highly valuable in Glades County, whose agricultural reputation is steadily expanding into manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution. New companies within this industry are finding Glades County to be prime real estate for their business through resources like the training center and its convenient central location between major cities such as Tampa, Sarasota, Naples, Miami, West Palm Beach, and Orlando.

Local Business Incentives

Glades County offers several incentives to companies in the area, including Foreign Trade Zone Status, Enterprise Zone Incentives, Sales Tax Exemption for Electrical Energy, Property Tax Credit, Sales Tax Refund on Building Materials and Business Equipment, and Job Tax Credit.

These savings and benefits come from its rural county designation, yet that status doesn’t make Glades synonymous with inaccessible. The county has a fantastic infrastructure for road, rail, and water transport.

Great Industrial Locations Available

Property is available for new businesses as the county branches out of its agricultural heritage to become one of the hottest locations for manufacturing and distribution in Southwest Florida. Glades County currently features seven major industrial parks that feature several perks such as dockage on the Caloosahatchee River, rail access, highway connectivity, and prime location for ancillary services.

If you’re a business interested in taking advantage of Glades County’s many benefits, you can receive a customized analysis of the many state and local incentives available to your business upon relocation. Simply contact SWFLEDA at [email protected] or call 844-707-SWFL for more information.