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The Latest Economic Developments in Southwest Florida

southwest florida economic development 2018There are many businesses contributing to the economic growth in Southwest Florida. A region driven by tourism, healthcare, and technology, the area is currently seeing many upward trends in job creation and innovation.

Below you’ll discover some of the highlights of 2018 thus far regarding businesses, events, and milestones that are making an impact on our area’s current and future growth.

Babcock Ranch Houses Its First Residents

The solar powered city of Babcock Ranch has been on the radar for awhile now for their attempt to create a cutting-edge, self-sustaining community.

The area features several organic-based restaurants and shops that utilize locally grown produce and food, reinforcing its green lifestyle and culture. Yet it was only recently that its first residents moved into the area. The Kinley and Avecks became the first two families to settle into this community, planting roots for this budding city and its experimental approach to a new way of living.

While two may seem like a small number, this is an important milestone that evolves this carefully planned idea into a real community; one that is projected to grow throughout 2018.

Gartner Inc. and Arthrex Expansions Leads to More Than 2,000 New Jobs

Gartner Inc. is an international firm that specializes in research and consulting with plans for expansion. It’s campus in south Fort Myers will be hiring up to 800 new employees.

Arthrex, too, has plans for growth. The medical device manufacturer is intending to build several new facilities, including an administrative and event center, hotel, and office building. This growth will add 560 new positions within the company, plus an additional 1,200 construction jobs.

FGCU Hosts a Large Career Fair for Southwest Florida

On the hunt for a career change? Florida Gulf Coast University’s Alico Arena will be featuring it’s 2nd annual regional career fair on May 2. This fair will include over 70 employers from all over the region, giving attendees the chance to network and find new job opportunities.

This joint effort between forces in education, government, and business is a collaboration that directly impacts our workforce and economic development. Beyond new job opportunities, this regional career fair is a sign of evolution for Southwest Florida. While our driving force has always been tourism, healthcare, and technology, our rapid growth has led to many year-around careers as more people settle here permanently.

Fort Myers Drone Business Achieves First Local FAA Exemption

Soaring Sky is on the forefront of the technological movement in Southwest Florida. Promoted as a professional drone training program, its new FAA exemption is setting up students for a career in the drone industry, or advancement in their pursuits through the use of drone technology.

Soaring Sky is the first local business to achieve FAA exemption, which allows them to fly drones for commercial purposes.

Can You Picture Your Business in Southwest Florida?

If you are a site selector or business owner who can see your client or business thriving in Southwest Florida, contact us. SWFLEDA will be happy to provide you with additional information, contacts, and more to help you get the most out of our growing region.