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SWFLEDA Attends Site Selectors Guild 2016 Fall Forum

2016 fall forum SWFLEDA site selectors forumThe Southwest Florida Economic Development Alliance (SWFLEDA) joined area professionals in Little Rock, Arkansas for the 2016 Fall Forum, October 24-26.

SWFLEDA joined other area professionals to discuss the importance of site selection and to present southwest Florida as a thriving opportunity for businesses.

This was the Site Selectors Guild’s 2nd annual Fall Forum. The Fall Forum is a more intimate event with opportunities for increased interaction with the attending Guild Members. The host sponsor for the event was the Arkansas Economic Development Commission.

Panels included top-tier business concerns and discussion, including:

  • Sustainability and Business Location
  • Industry Perspectives on Sustainability
  • Transport Infrastructure
  • Business Climate and Regulatory Environment Considerations

About The Site Selectors Guild

​Founded in 2010, the Site Selectors Guild is the only association of the world’s foremost professional site selection consultants. Guild members provide location strategy to corporations across the globe and for every industry, sector and function. Members are responsible for matching location with industry.

The Fall Forum began as a buffet of locations, where members and attendees can sample the benefits of each area. The Southwest Florida Economic Development Alliance is pleased and proud to bring southwest Florida to global attention by joining this year’s Forum as both an attendee and sponsor.

The Site Selectors Guild is dedicated to advancing the profession of international corporate site selection by promoting integrity, objectivity and professional development. Members are peer-nominated, vetted and must demonstrate a significant amount of location advising experience. Guild Membership is the highest standard in the site selection industry.

When companies face difficult location decisions, Guild members extend a helping hand, offering expertise and guiding business owners through unknown terrain to find the right location. Economic development alliances and agencies also benefit from this group of illustrious professionals. Visitors are encouraged to expand their wealth of knowledge to discover the value created by professional site selection and location advisory services and the breadth of experience of Guild members. If you are an economic development practitioner, you can learn more about  educational offerings, including the Annual Conference, Advisory Forums, and other events.

As with all organizations, the Site Selectors Guild holds their services to high goals. Guild members and organizations are attempting to:

  • Create thought leadership, eminence, and educational opportunities that advance the site selection industry and practice
  • Promote professional site selection as a critical element of value creation in corporate location decisions
  • Develop and mentor the future leaders of the site selection profession
  • Foster collaboration and cooperation between site selection professionals, corporate end-users, and economic development organizations

Growing Success in Southwest Florida

If you’re a site selector or business owner looking to bring a new business to southwest Florida, the Southwest Florida Economic Development Alliance is here to help you take advantage of the many benefits available.

Contact SWFLEDA at or call 844-707-SWFL for more information.