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Story Behind Skyplex Commerce Park


Despite many years of decline, the commerce park located at Southwest Florida International Airport is moving in the right direction.

The park, known officially as Skyplex, is home to more activity than ever before. This includes thousands of people shopping in the area every day, along with more than 700 local employees.

A Big Boost to the Area

Not only is the growth of Skyplex a good thing for Lee County Port Authority, but it’s also giving the local economy a shot in the arm.

Skyplex has been a long time in the making, with first discussions of the project taking place in 2005. However, when the Great Recession hit a couple years later, the Port Authority took a step back to wait for the economy to improve.

Now, more than 10 years later, big things are happening at Skyplex. While the port authority has noted that the project may not reach completion for another 30+ years, there’s plenty going on right now to keep people excited.

Development Highlights to Date

In 2017, the Sky Walk shopping center got a big boost when Publix Super Markets decided to move in. Located along the Daniels and Paul J. Doherty parkways, 11 out of the 12 spaces for businesses are now occupied.

More recently, new office buildings attracted Gartner Inc., with approximately 600 employees of the company now working there.

Alta Resources Investing in the Area

Alta Resources has invested more than $20 million in Southwest Florida, primarily due to its recent expansion at Skyplex Commerce Park.

While the company was considering various other areas of the state for its expansion, Skyplex eventually won out. With this decision, roughly 800 new jobs will come to Southwest Florida.

Alta is expected to finalize construction of its new building by the end of 2020.

More to Come

Even with all the new growth to date, there are plenty of additional projects on the horizon. For example, a New York auto dealer has inquired about the land, as it’s interested in working with the county to build two auto racetracks.

Another exciting expansion announcement came from Fort Myers-based NeoGenomics who plans to build a 90,000 sq. ft. office and lab building costing between $25 to $30 million.

NeoGenomics is a cancer diagnostics and pharma-services business, providing sophisticated precision cancer diagnosis and oversees clinical trials of new cancer treatments.

According to The News-Press the company is still working through the site approval process for the undisclosed location. Lee County and the Port Authority have been actively marketing land near Southwest Florida International Airport for modern office buildings, the newspaper reports so perhaps NeoGenomics will become a neighbor at Skyplex as well.

If you live in close proximity to Skyplex Commerce Park, keep your eyes and ears open for news of future development. This is an exciting time for a project that once appeared to be stuck in the mud!