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Safe Communities

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement creates crime indices for the entire state of Florida including the Southwest Florida region. The data from 1997 to 2017 has shown that Florida has had a significant decrease in both the quantity and rate of the Total Index Crimes. While the crime has significantly decreased, Florida’s overall population increased by 39.2 percent during that same time period. Going through a breakdown of types of crime, property crime decreased by 59 percent, violent crime decreased by 58.2 percent, and the regions weighted average total crime index rate is lower in comparison to both the state and the nation. 

Crime Index Rate Per 100,000 Residents

County 2016 2017 Percent Change
Charlotte 1,796 1,548 -14%
Collier 1,558 1,507 -3%
Glades 1,203 1,597 33%
Hendry 2,786 2,995 8%
Lee 2,086 1,942 -7%
Source:  Florida Department of Law Enforcement