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Get an In-Depth Look at Southwest Florida through its First Key Industry Clusters Study

southwest florida key industry clusters study january 2018Want to know what is driving the Southwest Florida economy? A first of its kind for our region, the Key Industry Clusters study by the FGCU Regional Economic Research Institute provides an in-depth look at the 11 key industries leading our economy.
Southwest Florida Economic Development Alliance (SWFLEDA) commissioned this study to assist in our targeted attraction of new companies to the region and to build the business case on why they would be most successful here.

To view the full report or download an individual analysis for each of the 11 featured industries, simply visit: here

What is a Cluster Study?

Not quite sure what a cluster study is? This unique approach to analysis takes a collection of entities that comprise a “universe”—or a closed system—and divides them up into various groups. These groups consist of similar entities based on shared characteristics that set them apart from other defined groups to help researchers gain a better picture of the data their analyzing.

In Southwest Florida’s case, the universe is our region and the clusters are 11 different industries that have a major influence on our economic growth. Those industries include:

  • Business Services
  • Construction Products and Services
  • Distribution and Electronic Commerce
  • Education and Knowledge Creation
  • Financial Services
  • Health and Wellness
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Marketing, Design, and Publishing
  • Medical Devices
  • Performance Arts
  • Transportation and Logistics

By identifying these clusters, we are able to identify which industries are strongest in our economy and where. This information is extremely useful to site selectors and businesses outside of our region or state who are looking to relocate in an area best suited for their goods and services.

What Will I Discover in Southwest Florida’s Key Industry Clusters Study?

This report takes the vast wealth of information collected by the FGCU Regional Economic Research Institute and puts it into a 124-page, comprehensive summary of what drives Southwest Florida’s economy and the key points for each industry cluster, including:

  • Brief Descriptions of Each Industry Cluster
  • Employment Concentration Rankings Compared to the 21 Other Workforce Regions in Florida
  • Location Quotients
  • An Assessment of Southwest Florida’s Competitive Position
  • An Assessment of the Cluster’s Educational and Training Support within the Region and State

Who Should Site Selectors Contact to Learn More about Southwest Florida?

If you are a site selector or business looking for more information on the Southwest Florida region, contact SWFLEDA at [email protected] or call 844-707-SWFL for more information.

SWFLEDA is here to answer questions, provide insight into our region’s advantages, serve as a bridge to local resources, and help you locate the perfect property for your next office or headquarters.