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Florida Growth Statistics

Florida has an estimated population of 21,299,325, Florida is the third most populated state in the country.

Furthermore, the state as a whole has experienced growth rate of roughly 15% since the 2010 census estimate.

There are many reasons for the population growth of the Sunshine State, including its warm weather, large number of world-class beaches, and job availability and industry growth in many regions.

The five counties that make up Southwest Florida are experiencing strong growth. These include:

  • Charlotte County
  • Collier County
  • Glades County
  • Hendry County
  • Lee County

Google Public Data website and The U.S. Census Bureau breaks down growth throughout the state, as well as by county. Here are some of the most important data points as they relate to Southwest Florida:

  • Charlotte County Population: Approximately 182,033 (2017)
  • Collier County Population: Approximately 372,880 (2017)
  • Glades County Population: Approximately 13,754 (2017)
  • Hendry County Population: Approximately 40,347 (2017)
  • Lee County Population: Approximately 754,610 (2017)

Lee County, for example, is the fastest growing county in Southwest Florida. And while Glades and Hendry County are among the smallest in the state, both have experienced growth since the 2010 census.

Why is this Important?

Population growth is important for a variety of reasons, especially when it comes to economic development. Consider the following:

  • Businesses and commercial developers and builders are more likely to target counties with a growing population
  • Developers and builders are most interested in regions with an ample supply of employable workforce
  • The growing market, tax structure and cost of living in southwest Florida make it an ideal location for business growth

The Southwest region of Florida is among the fastest growing in the entire state and projections indicate this trend will continue. There’s reason to believe the Southwest Florida region will continue to benefit from that growth.