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Elementary Schools

Lee County Elementary Schools

Lee County has 45 elementary school facilities consisting of over 35,000 students:

  • A rating: 36 percent of schools
  • B: 34 percent
  • C: 7 percent
  • D: 14 percent
  • F: 9 percent

Collier County Elementary SchoolsCollier County has 29 elementary school facilities with close to 19,000 students enrolled. Every school, including the elementary level, has a Fitnessgram/Activitygram aimed at increasing overall fitness.

  • A rating: 31 percent of schools
  • B: 10 percent
  • C: 35 percent
  • D: 14 percent
  • F: 10 percent

Charlotte County Elementary Schools

There are 10 elementary school facilities in Charlotte County serving over 6,000 students. “Successful Learning and Exceptional Student Education” classes are available at all sites, along with the Baker Center-Early Education Programs,

  • A rating: 22 percent of schools
  • B: 11 percent
  • C: 44 percent
  • D: 22 percent

Hendry County Elementary Schools

Hendry County has six elementary school facilities with 3,400 students enrolled. Special programs focus on accelerated reading, and helping English as Second Language students become acclimated.

  • A rating: 33 percent of  schools
  • B: 50 percent
  • C: 17 percent

Glades County Elementary Schools

Glades County has one elementary school, Moore Haven Elementary, which received a A rating with 408 students enrolled. Moore Haven has begun several initiatives to get their students learning at a younger age including an early childhood program that prepares students for kindergarten.