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Charter Schools

Lee County Public School District (K-12)

Lee County has the largest school district and has over six times as many charter establishments as any other district within the region. There are 18 charter schools and close to 6,000 students enrolled. The weighted grade averages per school is 72% A, 22% B, and 6% at the D level.

Collier County Public School District (K-12)

Collier County has three charter schools with a student population of 797, with 67% achieving an A and the remaining 33% a C rating.

Charlotte County Public School District (K-12)

Charlotte has two charter schools: Charlotte Harbor School is a school within the Charlotte County Public School System that opened its doors in 1985 to assist students from Pre-K – 12th grade. The school has three separate programs: West Campus, SANDS, and SAIL which deliver services to students with intellectual and or emotional/behavior needs.

The Charlotte Technical Center (CTC) serves over 2,000 high school and adult students annually. The Center is fully accredited by the Council on Occupational Education.

Glades County Public School District (K-12)

Glades County has two charter schools that operate closely together and are considered one school from Elementary to Middle. With 287 students, the schools have a B rating.