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Aerospace and Aviation Industry Generating Jobs in Southwest Florida

The aerospace and aviation industry is picking up steam in many parts of the country, with Southwest Florida leading the charge.
Not only was 2018 a big year for aerospace and aviation industry growth in the area, but more of the same is in store for 2019 and beyond.

Flightdocs is Taking Off in Bonita Springs

Flightdocs assists more than 1,000 customers with tracking aircraft maintenance, managing inventory, and staying up to date on compliance.

Last year, the company opened a state of the art 6,200 square foot technology center at the Riverview Corporate Center.

In a Naples Daily News article from August 2018, Flightdocs CEO Greg Heine said the following:

“We feel like we’ve been pretty lucky. We have a pretty decent-size development team here. Basically everybody we found in the area. So there hasn’t been anybody that has relocated. We’ve had good success in finding candidates from the local colleges, from FGCU and Florida Southwestern.”

This quote goes a long way in showing the positive economic impact aerospace and aviation companies are having in Southwest Florida. When companies like these expand in the local area, it generates hundreds or even thousands of new jobs.

More Jobs Coming to Charlotte County

With a new million-dollar project in the works, which could soon bring an aerospace program to Punta Gorda Airport, the local economy is in line to get a major boost.

Intrepid Aerospace is interested in leasing land from the Charlotte County Airport Authority. The company plans to develop the land with a 60-foot tall hangar for repairs and maintenance.

With the intention of opening it within the next year, hundreds of high paying jobs will attract applicants from the local area.

Furthermore, the development could also bring new training opportunities to the area. A recent article from the Charlotte County Economic Development department noted the following:

“Charlotte County’s School Board wants to operate the technical college’s new airframe and powerplant mechanics training program on the property. It aspires to take over Western Michigan University’s Pilot Training classroom and hangar when its lease ends in August.”

The aerospace and aviation industry continues to generate a variety of job opportunities in Southwest Florida. Keep an eye on the industry throughout the rest of 2019 and as we enter the new year. There are big things to come!