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Are you interested in starting a business? Are you in the process of choosing a location? Are you considering Southwest Florida?

While there are many regions throughout the Sunshine State that attract business owners, Southwest Florida has become one of the most popular.

Here are four advantages of starting a business in Southwest Florida:

1. Infrastructure

Southwest Florida has one of the state’s most extensive transportation systems, which can benefit your company in a variety of ways.

For example, an advanced road system allows for an efficient commute. Furthermore, Southwest Florida’s close proximity to international airports and shipping ports is advantageous to companies in a variety of industries.

2. Business Climate

In addition to a business-friendly tax structure, government polices in Southwest Florida are geared toward business growth.

Year after year, Florida ranks among the top states for starting a company, largely because of favorable tax policies and the relatively low cost of doing business.

3. Talented Workforce

The success of your company hinges largely on your workforce. Southwest Florida is home to so many workers, both experienced and fresh out of college.

With access to diverse talent, you won’t struggle to find employees who can help take your business to the next level.

4. Quality of Living

There’s more to your business than revenue and profits. Quality of living is also critical, and there’s no better place than Southwest Florida to enjoy yourself.

From the warm weather to the recreational activities, from the world class dining to the culture, there’s plenty to enjoy in the region.

When you and your employees are happy, you’re more likely to perform at your peak.

These are four of the top advantages of starting a business in Southwest Florida, but there are many others that will come into play once you’re up and running.

If you’re considering this region for your next business endeavor, now’s the time to learn more about everything it has to offer.